I am focused to leading COHRE Team to securing a peaceful environment  where respect, tolerance, and understanding mark the dedications towards Peace and harmony in our communities. Let us all; government, women, men, partners and our associates help one another towards understanding Human rights for all through  education, advocacy, health inclusion  and cooperation so as to foster progress and development of our communities.I know and am optimistic that through understanding, we can all attain a humane and respectful behaviour towards one another and in the end improve our social, economic, political well being in an understood fair cohesion. Finally, let me extend my appreciation to everyone whose deliberations everyday is to protecting lives and making life better .
Thank you

As the Executive Director  of COHRE, I am pleased to be in position to carry on HRE . Like many others who have done a tremendous work and still deliberate to serve humanity , COHRE commits to supporting humanity in advancing protection and help in contributing towards safe guarding  people’s dignity especially the marginalized groups.

I am so privileged to be able to lead such a great team and I am hopeful that our dedication toward Human Rights and the  determination in fighting for human dignity and reducing violations and abuse of Rights,exclusions and marginalisation will remain ever crucial to us all.

Together, let’s make our deliberations every year a milestone in changing lives and attitudes for the good of humanity. Our discussions, collaboration, interactions should aim at tackling abuse and violations, victimisation and discrimination  in order to advocate for better lives and bring within our communities peace and love for one another. This is because, Human Rights aim at just improving good livelihoods,cohesion and a dignified way of life for all irrespective of their status or background.

Kyohairwe N. Kay

Executive Director