Organization Background   

Coalition For Human Rights Education (COHRE) is a registered Non Organization and Not for profit organization comprising of members drawn from diverse backgrounds who have come together to promote Human Rights through Advocacy and capacity building to individuals and communities about basic human rights and help improve the  welfare of those affected; the marginalized youths, women and other key minorities. COHRE was formed in Uganda by Seven individuals to support people who have been victims of Human Rights violations in order to learn about their experiences and to help improve their well being. It sensitizes people on how to work together, develop knowledge, skills, access health and improve social understanding of the importance of Human Rights. We believe that awareness of one’s rights can help guard against excessive power and inappropriate control over other people’s lives. This knowledge can positively create a fairer, more tolerant society hence accord everyone a chance to flourish as human beings with improved welfare of those affected Youths, women and other minorities (The Marginalized).

Through identifying cases of Human Rights violations, COHRE reviews these experiences and works towards   improving their well being through counseling, advocacy, mediation, discussion, debate and representation towards achieving justice. We aim at educating and learning from human experience in order to develop their knowledge and social understanding of Human Rights systems, and how to use these rights to prevent their violations. This knowledge achieved through interaction and advocacy can positively create a fairer, more tolerant society hence giving everyone a chance to flourish as human beings.


A society where knowledge and awareness of own human rights have created a well-informed citizenry to influence equity and dignity for all.


To promote and improve human rights situations, health and livelihoods of the marginalized and vulnerable people, women and youths and empower them towards improvement of their freedoms and well being.


To develop and strengthen the well being, health and livelihoods of the people and promote the popularization of the 1949 UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights to improve knowledge on humane, non discriminatory acts and respect of fundamental freedoms.

The objectives shall be;

  1. To reduce human rights abuse in Uganda through advocacy, education and sensitization in order to create a more secure and happier nation and help in promotion of  respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction .
  2. To actively contribute towards and participate in functional literacy programs, audiovisual participation and skill training for the underprivileged members of community and advance the implementation of UN General Assembly  World Program  for Human Rights Education (2005-ongoing) 
  3. To improve knowledge about Human Rights and encourage understanding the relationship between human rights and respect of the Rule of Law in order to create a stronger society empowered to realize own human rights and those of
  4. To actively develop and promote health through strong networking schemes with marginalized groups, health oriented organizations, local and foreign NGOs and the community for the fulfillment of the above objectives and to liaise coordinate and otherwise co-operate with organizations within and without Uganda having similar objectives.