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Beats in a Jungle, is a film by Kowa. K.Kay from the NAC productions a sub administrative section of COHRE (Coalition for Human Rights Education)

The story is inspired by the effects of Lord’s resistance Army abductions that saw many young lives lost, dreams shattered, youths molestation and families separated.

The film is about a young girl (ADONG) who is dedicated and determined to make her life worthwhile through her dance. She is a well grounded young girl growing to become a dancer and is dedicated to achieving her dream. She meets Mwaine a young man from the other side of her customs and tribe. Despite their different background they fall in love and plan a future together. However, a once childhood meeting with a now ruthless rebel leader (AKON) follows her paths and is aimed at bringing Adong down.

Her success is seen as a means to uplift his existence and get the world to know about him as he plots through a line of his henchmen to woo Adong to his side.   Caught in his obsession and lunacy he is set not to fail his demands.

The film explores themes of love, hate, betrayal, victimization, destruction and the challenges of growing up in a social conflict zone especially for a young girl.

Beats in the jungle is a film to watch.

COHRE works to empower young people to improve and use their skills. Such as acting, film making and camera. Last year (2018-9, we engaged in film making of Beats in a Jungle a film that is now out. The film is about young woman’s fight to escape the obstacles in her life to achieve her life’s dream of becoming a dancer.  check out PART I