Focus our work towards overcoming misconceptions, stigma and discrimination about human differences and to ensure a life of freedom, harmony and dignity for all.


To promote and improve human rights, the wellbeing of marginalized people; women, and other minority groups on how to develop their knowledge and skills and to empower them towards improvement of their freedoms and dignity.


The Goal of the organization shall be to develop and strengthen the well being, health and livelihoods of the People and promote the popularization of the 1949 UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights to improve knowledge on humane, non discriminatory and respectful of fundamental freedoms.

Who we are?

Coalition For Human Rights Education (COHRE) is a registered Non-Governmental and Non-profit organization comprising of members drawn from diverse backgrounds who have come together to promote human rights through Advocacy and capacity building to individuals and communities about basic human rights and help change the attitudes and welfare of those affected children, women, LGBTI and other minorities.

It was formed in Uganda by Seven individuals to support people who have been victims of Human Rights violations in order to learn about their experiences and to help improve their well being, while at the same time, teaching people throughout the Country how to work together to develop their knowledge and social understanding of the meaning and importance of Human Rights respect, and how to prevent abuse and live in harmony.

Human rights are based on important principles like dignity, fairness, respect and equality. They protect you in your everyday life regardless of who you are, where you live and how you chose to live your life.