Coalition For Human Rights Education (COHRE) (U)

is a registered Non-profit organization that work towards promotion of human rights and equity through Advocacy for inclusive and quality health services, non-discriminating policies and equal opportunity for all.we advance our goal through networking, partnerships, community engagement and capacity building. our main focus is skills empowerment, human rights education and SRHR.


A society where knowledge and awareness of own human rights have created a well-informed citizenry to influence equity and dignity for all..


To promote and improve human rights situations, health and livelihoods of the marginalized and vulnerable people, women and youths and empower them towards improvement of their freedoms and well being.


To develop and strengthen the well being, health and livelihoods of the people and promote the popularization of the 1949 UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights to improve knowledge on humane, non discriminatory acts and respect of fundamental freedoms.

Supporters, Partners and Networks